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k_k January 20, 2012 15:33

Automatic mesh generators for Turbomachinery
Hi all,

I intend to solve a series of radial and mixed turbo-machinery along with complex geometries and meshing time is the constrain.

I am looking for some meshers that could produce automatic grids of acceptable quality. Excellent agreement with test data are not mandatory, but I expect some satisfactory realistic solutions. So I dont always need a multiblock structured grid.

I have come across few meshing softwares which have inbuilt mesh topologies and provide automatic meshes for impeller (say turbogrid for example). But I am interested in looking at the flow upstream and downstream which involve complex geometries, were sometimes domain decomposition for multi-block structured grid is not always possible.

I came to know that Star CCM+ produces automatic polyhedral meshes for complex geometries (?). Considering the merits and demerits of polyhedral meshes am quite sceptical about it. Now my attention turns towards, Numeca and its Autogrid and Hexpres. As I have not used the software myself not quite about its capabilities.

Please let me know about any other good automatic mesh generators that you are aware of.
Share your views please.


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