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Dmitriy Makarov June 29, 1999 20:01

Prescribed pressure at the boundary
Hi all,

The boundary condition with constant velocity for SIMPLE-family algorithms is well described and coarse no problem. But how to construct finite-difference scheme for pressure-velocity coupling at the inflow boundary (and outflow too) with P=Const? Can anybody point out literature source (book, journal etc.) on this term? Any commence are welcome also.

Thank you in advance,


Neyval C. Reis June 30, 1999 08:14

Re: Prescribed pressure at the boundary

Basically, you should set your pressure level at the first control volume inside the domain ( not the boundary point, usually the boundary point is not used to determine the pressure term in the momentum eq.), prescribe the pressure correction equal to zero, and ensure the mass conservation of this control volume using the continutity eq..Take a look at: Versteeg, HK, Malalasekera, W, An introduction to computational fluid dynamics - the finite volume method, Longman Scientific & Technical, Uk, 1995. I think this book contains a good description of the procedure.



Gassan Abdoulaev July 1, 1999 08:25

Re: Prescribed pressure at the boundary
Privet! Take a look at J.G.Heywood, R.Rannacher, S.Turek "Artificial boundaries and flux and pressure conditions for the incompressible N.S. equations" Int.J.Numer.Meth.Fluids, V.22 325-352 (1996).

And bythe way, I do pressure b.c., but for the finite elements, and basically have no problems.


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