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wan xiaotao June 29, 1999 21:55

CFX4.2 user fortran
I have some more questions about CFX:

1. In stable problem, how can I set some constants and arrays in the beginning of each outer iteration, which will be used in USRDIF,USRBF,USRVIS and USRSRC. i.e. what is the calling sequence of user fortran. Also, the manual says that USRBF is called several times in a outer iteration, how about USRIPT and USRSRC.

2. How can I change the constants in the K-EPSILON model,such as

C1,C2,C3. Also,how can I get the coefficient of low Renolds

number K-EPSILON model, which includes function f1,f2 and f3.

3. In multi-fluid model, the right hand side is written as

RaSa or Ra(B-div(P))--(re. solver manual) . So, in USRSRC

and USRBF, one set the single phase value Sa,B(let the program

take care of Ra), or one set RaSa and RaB?

best regards

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