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Kiumars August 7, 2005 02:40

Interface Tracking
Where may I download a reliable 2d FORTRAN (axisymmetric) front tracking code? Any help in this regards is highly appreciated.

Vinod August 7, 2005 11:59

Re: Interface Tracking

There are many methods to track the front. On which method based code do you need.

Kiumars August 8, 2005 01:14

Re: Interface Tracking
Hi! Vinod, No big difference. However, I prefer Front Tracking Method of Glimm et al. For your information, I have a high pressure gas which expands in air. I need to track the interface in an axisymmetric space.

Vinod Dhiman August 8, 2005 09:24

Re: Interface Tracking

I can send you a code, which is F77 bsed, and 2-dimensional. The code is not very well written and documented, but gives right answers. You can't use Intel's Fortran or g77 for compiling this code. Either use MS Fortran or Compaq's Fortran, which I use.

I'm writing my own F90 code, and after it gets completed I'll put it on net. That's will better than this.

Both of these codes use Level Set Method. If you need any help, you can write to me, or post message.

Vinod Dhiman

........... August 10, 2005 07:30

Re: Interface Tracking
Hi Vinod,

I would be great if you put the Level Set Mwethod code on the web as it would be interesting to see how you implemented it. I am a little dubious about how different people do this. Where will you post them?


Vinod Dhiman August 10, 2005 11:50

Re: Interface Tracking
Thanks for your interest in this. I'm glad to know that people know about it, and want to work in the field.

Right now I can't put it on the net. Since it is not written by and I don't have permission to put it on the net. I'm writing my own code, which is better than this one, and includes phase transfer, too. As soon as I complete my code, I'll put it on the net. I'll post a message regarding this.

Vinod Dhiman

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