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akj January 26, 2012 01:07

Help regarding convergence...
Hi frns,
I am doing Post Graduation in Thermal, and my project is CFD Analysis of a vaneless rotating diffuser. So, there are many cases one of them is increasing the diffuser area. So in that case while increasing the diffuser area by 30% of the outer diameter. After doing all the required modelling in ICEM CFD and giving the required boundary conditions in the CFX-Pre when i am running the case in the CFX Solver i am not getting the convergence. I am facing problem in this particular case only. I have completed successful case runs for 10%,20% and 40% cases, but in this case only i am facing this strange problem. Normally when we run any case in the CFX Solver it automatically stops when the convergence criteria is reached and a .res file (result file) is generated, but in this case the graph is going beyond the convergence criteria and its not getting automatically stopped it just keep on going.

Thanks in advance.


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