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jaspers January 26, 2012 14:33

CFD help - Transient function
Hello, I am pretty new to using Fluent but I have been requested by a professor to use this software to model oscillatory flow through a pipe.

Basically, the aim of the project is to "relaminarize" turbulent flow by oscillating the flow in a sinusoidal pattern. I am able to create the transient UDF however, my main difficulty is measuring the shear stress at different time intervals and the average wall shear stress. Also, when I set the initial condition for the velocity, the velocity at time t=0 is greater then my input. Is this normal?

As I have mentioned, I am a novice but from what I have seen on these forums is that there are many people who are very skilled with CFD and are willing to help. I would greatly appreciate any advice.


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