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Turbomachine January 27, 2012 14:52

Karman vortex street
Dear All,

I would like to write a code that calculates the periodic force on a bluff body which is immersed in an unstable flow field. Can anyone direct me to possible techniques to achieve this? I am interested in easily programmable and elegant methods (possibly inviscid at high Re), no Navier Stokes solution or such.

Thanks in advance!

cfdnewbie January 27, 2012 15:43

what do you mean by an "unstable" flow field???
In general, if you are looking for a karman vortex street, you are talking about Euler equations in 2d (at least), so the easiest way to achieve that would be to program a finite volume 2d solver. Details can be found e.g. in the book by Blascek, though I forgot the title, maybe some else can help me here...

Turbomachine January 28, 2012 04:44

Discrete vortex method
Thanks for your reply. At the moment I am reading about the discrete vortex method, which looks a promising candidate, but I am still slightly confused about it. I am reading the paper by Chorin (1972). What I need to understand is how to get the forces on the body out of this analysis.

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