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quarkz January 31, 2012 05:55

Verification for simple 3D moving body

I have extended my 2D code to 3D. For the 2D case, to verify that my code is working correctly for the moving case, I simulate the sine plunging motion of a cylinder with a constant inlet velocity.

This case has been well documented and used by many to verify their code. One of the papers is :

A numerical simulation of vortex shedding from an oscillating circular cylinder by Guilmineau, E and Queutey, P

Journal of Fluids and Structures 2003

Now, going to 3D, I can't find a similar verification - plunging motion of a sphere/cylinder. I'm not sure if I use the wrong keyword ...

Does anyone know of such papers?

Mainly a simple rotating/heaving motion of a simple body (sphere,cylinder) in 3D. Can be expt or numerical at a low Re to verify a working 3D code.

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