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TheBearJew February 2, 2012 11:33

Ideas on how to clean up CAD are welcome
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Hi fellows,

I am writing here because of I am having some issues cleaning up properly the CAD to have a grid by ICEM CFD.

I have a parametric model made by kp and lines, img 12.jpg.

To prepare the CAD to be meshed I create the surface starting from the wireframe by multi-sections in CATIA V5 and I get the result shown in the image capture 0.

As you can easily image all the lines needed by CATIA to build the surface are bad for me in order to have a correct topology in ICEM so I have tried to simplify the surface using the offset function getting a good result only for some surface as shown in capture 1.

The CATIA was not able to rebuild simplified surface for the other ones.

I am posting here because I am asking for some advice in order to clean the remaning vehicle surfaces.

I hope I was clear enough.

Thanks in advance.


scipy February 2, 2012 12:48

I've found that DesignModeler (DM) inside the ANSYS Workbench is quite handy with geometry prep and cleanup. Merging of the surfaces turns out better than in the native software (SolidWorks for me) where the model was made, plus there's all sorts of tools for filling holes, removing slivers etc.

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