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Hutaru February 2, 2012 23:43

How to Find CD by using Wind Tunnel and CP by using ANSYS CFX
Dear All,

I m doing my Thesis to Calculate Drag (Cd) coefficient by using Wind tunnel. My models is Catamaran, and We have 57 of pressure tape around both models. From the test, we have already found the Pressure Coefficient (Cp). Our next step is to find the Cd by using data of all Cp. We still not found the way....:(:( so, if you have any information of my problem, please give me a solution...because I am fail in my final test of my thesis because I am lack of this information:(...

And then the models of my experiment will be running in CFX... I found many different data with wind tunnel result especially in Pressure...The pressure is too small....May be the reason is wrong of boundary condition....and the last problem, I faced the difficulties in calculating Cp by using CFX....can you give some advice please.....I have been 6 semester in my College of post graduate.....I do want to add it one semester more....... Please help me

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