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Sas August 15, 2005 00:18

Grid refinement.
Hi All! I am new to CFD. Would u please tell me some clue about grid refinement. As I need fine grid at some particlular location (in the domain) at any particular time. And after some other time, refined grid is needed at some other location. I heard grid refinment can help. Otherwise simulation on fine grid (whole domain) is wastage of time. Would any one please suggest something. Presently I am using structured grid on cartesian co-ordinates. Thank you in anticipation. Sas.

Junseok Kim August 15, 2005 02:56

Re: Grid refinement.
Tell us your problem description more detail, for example, you want to solve flow, multiphase flow, heat transfer, crystal growth, etc.

Sas August 15, 2005 04:02

Re: Grid refinement.
For example, the flow of a fluid into another fluid of lesser density. So I need fine grid only at the location where this flow of higher density travles. Other regions (like ambient fluid over this fluid) coarse grid may be used. Am I right in thinking like that. Thanx in advance.

Junseok Kim August 15, 2005 04:08

Re: Grid refinement.
check below site.

Sas August 15, 2005 05:29

Re: Grid refinement.
Thank you very much. there is link " A Conservative Adaptive Projection Method for the Variable Density Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations". I wanted to study that. but that link does not work. It is impossible to open it. What can be done. Please advise. Sas.

Vinod Dhiman August 15, 2005 11:10

Re: Grid refinement.
Hi Chauhan

I have sent that paper at your yahoo ID. Check it.

Vinod Dhiman

yuan August 16, 2005 02:02

Re: Grid refinement.
A tough issue, I guess. Some recent references: 1.Bramkamp,F. et al. 2004. J. Comput. Phys. 197. 2.Mahart,M.,2004. Computers& Fluids 33

Sas August 16, 2005 02:11

Re: Grid refinement.
Thanx Yuan. I will look into this publications. lets us c some things happens.

ashish pande September 2, 2005 08:36

grid clustering + grid refinement
Respected sir, i need information of above mentioned topic from basics,examples and application etc. with respect to CFD. iam M-tech thermal student of nit,nagpur india thanking u waiting for ur reply

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