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siw February 6, 2012 13:15

Benchmark for porous media simulation

There are some very popular test cases that are used a lot to which CFD results can be compared against e.g:

Ahmed body - automotive external aerodynamics
(Ahmed, S.R., Ramm G.: Some Salient Features of the Time-Averaged Ground Vehicle Wake. SAE Technical Paper 840300, 1984)

RAE2822 and ONERA M6 wing - 2D and 3D basic external aerodynamics

NASA prediction workshops - transonic aircraft external aerodynamics

Does anyone know of some similar (or at least one) popular, high-quality test case used to model porous media and/or particle seeded multiphase flows?


chakrapania February 7, 2012 01:12

PORUS Media simulation - benchmark cases
Dear Stuart,
I am representing ACRi Infotech Pvt Ltd: our software PORFLOW is specialized in Ground Water, Porous & Fractured media with dynamic phase change etc..

PORFLOW is extensively reviewed by many independent organizations and the verification , validation reports are available.

For example if you search for PORFLOW + SRNL , you can check the verification reports of PORFLOW done by Savannah River National Laboratory.

For more details you can visit our website

if you have any questions you can mail us @

Chakrapani A

mettler February 7, 2012 09:39

I think it is going to be tough to find an actual test case where the flow was measured in porous media - how would you measure it? There are a lot of good research papers on the heat transfer/fluid flow regime of porous media though..vafai, sparrow, jiang

siw February 7, 2012 15:07

Andrew, is this something you have done before and could recommend a test case or two? This is for prep-work for my PhD so I'm after something with good quality experimental data that is reliable (and also interesting:)).

Although I'm not particularly after a test case with data within the porous medium, I agree very difficult to get but that would be good, I read a paper about CFD of a DPF and they had some x-ray images but they were not very clear.


mettler February 7, 2012 15:14

E.M. Sparrow, Ortiz, M. Carranco, Heat transfer coefficients for the upstream
face of a perforated plate positioned normal to an oncoming flow,
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 25 (1) (1982) 127135..

I got that paper for prep work for my PhD. I got it thru our inter-library loan, as they had to track down a hard copy. But, Sparrow did an actual lab experiment and obtained data. I replicated it using Fluent and got very similar results. I also replicated his lamp-black experiment that is mentioned in the paper.

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