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Kaskade February 13, 2012 10:43

Simulation of a very small windturbine

for my diploma thesis I am supposed to predict the power output of a Marlec Rutland 504 wind turbine and verify my results in our wind channel.
So far I have done some research in our library and Elsevier's Science Direct but the material that has come up was rarely of any relevance to me.
I thought maybe someone around here could point me in the right direction.

Specific questions:

- How do I go about calculating the power output? So far my plan is to integrate pressure difference times velocity over the area swept by the blades.

- What turbulence model should I use? Would LES be an interesting option?

- How big is the influence of the flow around and behind the turbine? How large does the grid have to be?

omtango April 23, 2012 14:03

please can you send me your wind turbine gemetry ??

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