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yus310 February 13, 2012 19:43

Adjacent Cell Zone help
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I am trying to model the heat transfer and fluid mechanics through the following (see attached) geometry. Specifically I am interested in the S2S radiation model, and seeing how radiation is exchanged amongst surfaces. In order to do so I need the internal emissivties (based on the type of material) to be a present option for all the zones (solid and fluid).

In my geometry, online two parts are solid, the cylindrical enclosure (dark red/brown) and the cone bottom (black). everything else is liquid (the helical coil with mutiple colors).

The problem is because some parts of solids, ANSYS will not allow me to input their internal emissivities. When I click on the cell zone boundary conditions for the "solid zones", I find that these zones has adjacent cell zones as solids as well, hence I am not able to input their internal emissivities, and hence they do not participate other than the view factor relation, in the energy balance within the system.

How can I allow ANSYS to make these solid zones, have internal emissivities for they can participate in the radiation exchange?


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