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Jonas Larsson August 20, 2005 09:35

Info About New Forum Layout
As you can see the CFD Online site has got a new layout. We're still using the same forum software though so most changes in this section are just the look and feel of things.

Aside from the design changes the main thing that has changed with the forums is that peoples email addresses are not visible any more. To email a forum author privately you instead have to use a web-form which is available if you click on "Send Email" behind the author name. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of spam forum authors get and perhaps convince more people to submit their email addresses when posting a message here.

I hope you like the new layout.

Jim_Park August 20, 2005 17:36

Re: Info About New Forum Layout

The new look is fabulous. But it reminds me how few of us think to thank you for your time to make this site not only available, but useful!

I believe you noted years ago that Volvo (still your employer?) gives you a bit of leeway in order to work with cfd-online.


THANKS!! to you and to Volvo for an very important contribution to advancing the science and art of CFD.


Jonas Larsson August 20, 2005 18:10

Re: Info About New Forum Layout
Jim, I'm glad that you like the new layout, hopefully it will improve over the next few months also... the front page will be completely different soon.

It sure feels good to finally have CFD Online running on a new server. We bought this server almost a year ago, but it has taken forever to get everything updated and transfered to the new server. The fact that I had a son half a year ago kind of delayed things a bit also. But now at last we have a state-of-the-art webserver which should be able to run CFD Online reliably for many years to come.

The new server should hopefully be much more reliable. It is a HP ProLiant DL380 with dual CPU's, RAID5 redundant disks with an online spare, redundant power, redundant fans etc. And it runs the latest software (RedHat Enterprise ES, Apache 2, ...). It should be much more stable than our old Dell server which has had a few problems over the years - I'll never forget the few hectic days I had at the public library in San Fransico when the Dell had had a motherboard failure and I was trying to get it up and running again while I were in the US on vacation.

I'm still working at Volvo Aero (a daughter company in the large Volvo Group, Volvo Aero designs and manufacture components for jet-engines and space rockets). Without their positive attitude towards CFD Online I would not be able to work on it. So they certainly deserve a great thanks. And so does my wife and son who, under small protests now and then, puts up with all the late nights I spend on it.

Thanks for the feedback.

diaw August 20, 2005 21:11

Re: Info About New Forum Layout
Hi Jonas,

Congratulations on the new forum layout... It seems so much more responsive than the previous layout. It is nice & 'bright'. Well done & thanks...


Mark Russell August 21, 2005 09:23

Yes but ...
Yes but ...

Some of the choices of colours (menu texts and 'drop downs') make for some difficulty in reading

Yellow on dark blue but in particular the yellow text on white background.

Is this the site or my settings?

Jonas Larsson August 21, 2005 10:06

Re: Yes but ...
The yellow on blue is my choice. I think that this is easily readable. If more people think it is difficult to read the yellow text on the blue menu we could change it. Anyone more wanna change this color scheme?

The yellow on white that appears when you got to the Books Guide is a temporary bug which we'll correct soon. There are some incompatibilites with the Cascading Style Sheets there which we are working on.

diaw August 21, 2005 10:19

Re: Yes but ...
I think that the yellow writing on blue menus looks great... I find it rather easy to read...


Michail August 21, 2005 11:07

Re: Yes but ...
Please allow me to suggest

text - light blue

buckground - the same as now, but a little lighter

Jonas Larsson August 21, 2005 11:57

Re: Yes but ...
Yea, that sounds great light blue on light blue, why make it easy ;-)

Michail August 21, 2005 13:21

Re: Yes but ...
Dear Jonas Larsson

I said:

background the same AS NOW

but there exists and a bit lighter ( I use such scheme in my Total commander)

Also I congratulate You with update, wish You Good Luck and should thank You for Your work and Your encouragement two years ago.

zxaar August 22, 2005 03:44

Re: Yes but ...
michail, trust me i have been doing painting for last 12 years and my understanding of color says this yellow is best for current dark blue. changing it to lighter blue may look good to some people, but it is difficult to read for lot of people.

the current color scheme is best and i do not think it needs any changes.

Michail August 22, 2005 04:38

Re: Yes but ...
Dear Arjun

Thanks a lot for Your help then

About colours - it's just a suggestion, I have not anything against today's coulors.

What is more important for me now - how to solve inviscid Burger's equation and how to work with acoustics, and the problem we discussed ealier...


zxaar August 22, 2005 04:41

Re: accoustics
i do not have much idea of accoustics, but i think somewhere in a small lib of papers and notes i collect, i have some course notes those deals with this. tomorrow i will check and let you know.

Michail August 22, 2005 04:53

accoustics - Thank You very much
Dear Arjun

Thank You very much.

But if You have not a lot of time, please do not hurry, I am just interesting.

I deeped in the CFD and Fluid Dynamics completely. It is a sphere like the Universe, but a bit larger....


Mark Russell August 22, 2005 14:31

Re: Yes but ...

Thanks for getting back to me.

The 'yellow-on-blue' is more problematic on my laptop. I am pleased? to note that the 'yellow-on-white' is not intended but a bug. Assuming, that is, that you can be pleased to get a bug. I'm sure you get the picture.

I was however, under the impression that notes on readibility and general accessibility suggest 'dark-on- light'.

Enough now.

Keep up the good work.

zxaar August 23, 2005 20:25

Re: accoustics - Thank You very much
michail i have a little bad news for you (actually its worse for me). my external hard disk on which i used to store the paper etc. has crashed. i was zipping some combustion tutorial i wanted to send some one. i have lost around 30 percent of my electronic liberary. i am trying to recover it. The notes i said were on that disk and i am not sure if i have anyother copy. So sorry man.

Jonas Larsson August 24, 2005 03:54

Re: Yes but ...
Thanks for the bug report, it is always nice to know what you have to fix :)

We used light text on dark background on the menus in order to separate them from the rest of the pages, where we always use dark text on light backgrounds. I think it is more important to use a dark on light color scheme on the main part of the page.

I have now turned down the "yellowness" of the text on the menu slightly. I don't know if you notice the change but the yellow is now a bit more "washed-out" and more close to white. Does this improve the readability for you on your lapltop or is it still problematic to read?

Mark Russell August 24, 2005 04:44

Re: Yes but ...

It seems better (thank you) - but I am not sure if it due to a bit of pyschology (since I see ot OK on my PC and I also know you're working on it) or if it's due to the colour changing you mention. Either way it doesn't seem so bad.

Thanks for looking in and for taking the time to look at it.

Hey, I know this issue isn't the thrust of the forum, but I simply wanted to provide some (new site) useability feedback.


Michail August 28, 2005 18:55

Re: accoustics - Thank You very much, Don't worry
Dear Arjun

Thanks a lot, anyway even for Your offer.

To be honest, very pleasant when someone offer to one his help.

I was just interesting. It's not a course of my main task.

Even without acoustics I have a lot to do...

I keep all my literature on CD - it's more reliable, and not so expensive....

Best Wishes


zxaar August 28, 2005 20:49

Re: accoustics - Thank You very much, Don't worry
Actually the main trouble is for my company, its a tera-station(1000GB station) and it has lot of calculation results that i did for my company. They are still struggling to recover the disk. i probably can find the course again on net but if they lose it, we will only have the reports i made for them out of those calculations.

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