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stustd February 14, 2012 12:04

Of all well known options that I've considered I must decide whether to buy AQWA (only diffraction component) or WAMIT software. Further, the open (Matlab) source of MSEI is also attractive ("MSEI has available for purchase or lease a three dimensional free surface hydrodynamics code, providing extended functionality in comparison to programs such as WAMIT, AQWA, and MORA. The code is available as Matlab source code...").

All things considered equal, some of my extra requirements are:

1) Extensive output of hydrodynamic parameters (e.g. RAO's, frequency dependent added mass and damping,...) since I need this to build time-domain models to further investigate nonlinear effects.
2) Preferably running on Linux.
3) Optimal use of computing resources (multiple cores)

Both, AQWA and WAMIT are industry strength / quality code; I don't know about MSEI... However, I would be glad to hear if there exist any reasons why people would have a stronger preference for one or the other... Thanks.

Digijtal March 26, 2012 07:10

Ansys Aqwa water level problem
Hi all, Since I am seeing a similar thread... I am using ansys aqwa to model an offshore jacket structure in a stokes 2nd order regular wave in order to obtain the morison drag forces on the structure. The results come out but I dont think they make sense since when I change the still water level, the morison drag forces do not change. What could my problem be?
I am using line bodies with tube cross-section.
Thanks in advance.

khabiran April 1, 2012 13:14

Could you say more about MSEI. or purchase etc..


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