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siripon February 18, 2012 06:31

how to find wind turbine torque from CFD ?
hi everyone,
i'm working with horizontal wind turbine and i need to find torque to use in equation. To find Cp of this turbine.
Problem :
1. at constant wind velocity, if i increase rotational speed and torque increase too, is it correct ?
2.if it correct, i use that torque in calculation and Cp is more than 0.59 (betz limit)
Thank you for your answer .

D.B August 27, 2012 00:41

Hi Siripon,
If i am not mistaken, as you increase the rotational speed, your angle of attack increases, which increases the drag and hence the torque of you blade, so I think the trend is correct. But I cannot comment anything on the Cp value and your torque prediction accuracy, which might be the thing you should probably look into to solve your problem.

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