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Nodetails February 19, 2012 22:34

What is the best way for one to get started in CFD?

I'm currently a senior in college and have taken a few fluids classes and am interested in CFD. Recently, I got a student version of ANSYS which comes with CFX and FLUENT installed. I'd like to learn these, but on some job applications for aerodynamicists, C / C ++ / FORTRAN are required skills.

A general question: which one of these endeavors is most worth my time?

Thanks for any help.

rideway February 21, 2012 09:01

Try CFX, the basics are really easy and the tutorials are very good. In general, working with ANSYS Workbench helps really a lot.

Once you get to do some simulations and gain experience, you could start to understand how everything works and write code. Wouldnt worry too much about it initally.

Thats what at least Im doing right now ;)


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