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courtjester140 February 20, 2012 11:21

Rotating Couette Flow?
I'm looking for a flow case similar to Couette flow. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about it, or if there is a name for it.

Two parallel circular plates, one rotor and one stator. The rotor rotates at a certain RPM. There is a specific gap between the plates. This differs from Couette flow, because the surface speed of the rotor relative to the stator depends on the radial position you're looking at.

Is there a name for this? If not, has anyone looked at or heard of a case like this?


Fugacity February 20, 2012 11:42

You've just described a rotary viscous coupling, a.k.a. Von Karman viscous pump, aka Von Karman Swirling Flow:

You should be able to find a better description in any graduate-level incompressible flow textbook. I suggest Panton's Incompressible Flow (ISBN 0-471-59358-3) Ch 7.6, 11.11 & 11.12.

courtjester140 February 20, 2012 11:59

This is a great start, thank you fugacity!

What I described as a very simple version of the case I'm ultimately looking to work on. I'll describe that case in more detail.

I am looking at that "swirling flow" case, where one plate is on top of the other. However, the plates are actually rings. Therefore, the OD of the rings have a certain condition (pressure, temperature) and the ID of the rings have a certain condition (pressure, temperature). Only one of the rings rotate. The areas I am interested in are the face temperatures of the rotor and stator, as well as a pressure gradient between the faces (ID to OD).

Thanks again!

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