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Luuk August 24, 2005 10:59

SOD shock tube problem

I would like to simulate the SOD shock tube problem, where a region with a high pressure (1.0) is connected to a region with a low pressure (0.1). At time=0.0 the interface is "removed" and the simulation starts.

Although it is a 1-D problem, I would like to simulate it in 3-D. I'm having some difficulties with setting up the case.

-) what boundary conditions should be used? All walls or all symmetry?

-) What is a good grid distribution and size of the domain?

And further: if anybody has suggestions on settings for the underrelaxation, convection scheme etc., I would like to hear them.

Thanks in advance for any help,


sveta August 24, 2005 18:44

Re: SOD shock tube problem
What is the goal of the SOD test? If you want to test your code, then you take BC you are going to use in future (walls or symmetry on up/bottom and for example non-reflection inlet/outlet if you have). And you have chance to test convergence on grid (making grid in every test two times better and compare the results).

If everything dim/less I suggest to put length scale 1 for your domain.

Good luck,


Praveen. C August 24, 2005 23:05

Re: SOD shock tube problem
Both symmetry and inviscid wall bc should be fine.

I suppose you are trying to test your 3d code. Along the main axis where the flow is taking place, take as many points as you would in 1d case, anything of the order of 100 should be ok. The number of points in the other two directions is not important. You can choose anything appropriate for enforcing the bc. If you use symmetry bc, you can just do with one point in the two transverse directions.

Mahmod September 6, 2005 05:08

Re: SOD shock tube problem
Hello, I want uo know a code for this problems

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