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maggiekuzo February 22, 2012 15:00

Multidimensional PDE's
I just came to know about openfoam and was wondering if I can use it for > 4D PDE's. Let's say for example 10 dimensional PDE's?

The PDE is a simple extension of black scholes equation

This equation will contain a normal delV/delT term and second order derivative terms for each of the variables. Also there will be cross derivative terms (correlation).

I know the boundary conditions I want to apply...for example if it was a 1 dimensional ...then I know the value at time t = T...and I solve backward to get values at other times. This is of course the explicit method which I can also easily code, but since it's generally not stable so I want to use the implicit method - WHICH Is hard to code in C.

So my question is - Is it worth using openfoam for solving n dimensional PDE's using implicit method?
Till 3Dimension I can write a 30 line code to do so....for > 3, if it can help....please let me know? Any numerical method experts???!

Thanks for reading...

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