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Giovanni Ambrogio July 2, 1999 07:52

Hi all,

has somebody experiences in performing LES for (turbulent) reactive Gas/PArticle Flow?

Which SGS-Models are used for chemistry? What about the effect of particles?

Md. Ziaul Islam July 2, 1999 22:35

I don't know about SGS-Models. However, I know where you can get some basic ideas about LES. Please go to Special Topics, 'Turbulence' in CFD Resources Online. Then please go to " Tackling Turbulence with Supercomputers" by Parviz Moin and John Kim. And good luck !!!

Niall Branley July 12, 1999 07:55

Hi Giovanni

I have been calculating diffusion flames using LES with a conserved scalar approach. Flamelet data is used as a reaction model, combined with a beta subgrid pdf to account for subgrid fluctuations. There are quite a few papers on this subject in the literature, though very few authors have actually carried out simulations. DesJardin and Frankel have looked at LES of soot formation in flames, though I don't know if this work is published yet. Check in Combustion and Flame since June 98.


Niall Branley

Joe Hannon July 21, 1999 14:40

Take a look at for more info on turbulent reacting flows.

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