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yoshi August 25, 2005 20:45

Von karman Vortex street

Please let me know if anyone know the CFD source code program (2D or 3D) for the simulation of Von karman vortex street.


B787 August 26, 2005 06:31

Re: Von karman Vortex street
Well, all commercial codes can handle this. I'm not sure if ur looking for a commercial one or planning to get a free source code.

Mani August 26, 2005 12:29

Re: Von karman Vortex street
Looking for the "source code" almost implies "free". I don't think you can buy Fluent's source code (unless you buy the company). What you need is a free solver for 2D incompressible external flow, but there's a variety of methods that could be used, e.g. gridless vs. grid based methods. What exactly are you looking for?

yoshi August 27, 2005 19:34

Re: Von karman Vortex street

I'm loking for the free 2D cfd code based on the simple method which simulates the Von karman vortex street.


Mani August 29, 2005 12:49

Re: Von karman Vortex street
ok, then you don't need to look specifically for the "simulation of vortex streets". Any 2D unsteady viscous SIMPLE code can do that. It just needs to have a wall boundary condition and freestream boundary condition implemented, which most codes have. For starters you can look at the book and sample codes by Ferziger and Peric, although I'm not sure they hand you a viscous unsteady version. On the other hand, if you just want to "model" vortex shedding, you may not even have to do CFD...

M August 30, 2005 07:33

Re: Von karman Vortex street
I suppose that's all You need

2DGL -> This subdirectory contains the new codes for solving the laminar two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations (steady or unsteady) using Finite-Volume method and non-orthogonal structured grids with a colocated arrangement of variables. H-, O- and C-grids can be used, with multiple grid levels.

Two subdirectories exist:

SG -> This sub-directory contains two single-grid versions of the code: in one, the grid-nonorthogonality and non-smoothness are specially accounted for when solving the pressure-correction equation and when computing the gradients, and in the other version not. The solution from one grid level serves to initialize the iterations on the finer grid.

MG -> This sub-directory contains the version of the above code with multigrid acceleration of outer iterations.

More information is available in the README file in this directory.

Mike Marcu September 10, 2005 22:09

Re: Von karman Vortex street
The actual discoverer of the vortex trail was Benard in France -before Karman. The corect name is Benard-Karman vortex trail. This could be studied easily with Floworks -thin plane flow transient - with mesh resolution 7. Now with the oming of the 64 bit machines able to handle 16 Gigabytes Ram and 5000000 cells this will be even easier/ Also access now to the remote supercomputer facility at Cornell Univ (Window based) thse problems could be simulated in minutes/

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