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archer545 February 26, 2012 09:09

Slosh inside an elastomeric bladder
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Hi all

I am very new to CFD having just completed my univeristy CFD module so please go easy and dumb it down as much as possible :) Despite my novicehood I have gone very ambitious and wish to model the fluid movement of rocket fuel that is contained within an elastomeric bladder which itself is contained within a solid wall pressure vessel. Between the bladder and vessel wall is an inert gas pressurant. I have attached a simple diagram of the tank layout. I have seen from other threads so far that the best way to model the displacement of the tank to induce the fluid movement is by mesh movement and will be looking into how to do that. The other main obstacle (among countless other small and detailed ones) is the interaction between the fluids and the elastic bladder. Basically I am not even sure this is possible to model as I am yet to find anything similar on this forum. I should mention that I have the entire ANSYS 13.0 available to me.

I realise that most posts deal with fairly detailed problems and mine is incredibly vague but, as I said, I am a novice and so am not sure where to start and just hope that the friendly CFD community out there can steer me in the right direction.


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