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nikosb February 27, 2012 15:24

Parallel Poisson solver
I am using a finite difference CFD code written in Fortran. The code uses non-uniform cartesian orthogonals grids with a staggered arrangement. In addition, the code uses the "blktri" direct solver found in the FISHPACK library to solve the Poisson equation in 2D.

Is there a parallel version of the "blktri" subroutine or a similar direct solver that has parallel capabilities? I've searched on the internet for parallel direct Poisson solvers but the closest thing I found are these two:

1. Intel Cluster Poisson Solver
unfortunately it can only handle uniform meshes so it won't work in my case

2. PSCR method
I couldn't find the source code, I assume it is not public.

Thank you in advance,


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