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10mmet21 February 28, 2012 08:15

Freezing of an Ice Cream
Dear all,

I am Working On an interesting M. Tech Project. Description is discussed bellow.

1 litter rectangular Ice cream packet is placed in air blast freezer.
Air is flowing at the velocity of 2.5 m/s. from one side of rectangular duct and leave at the other end of the freezer. It flows over the Rectangular ice cream box. The Temperature of an air is (-30 C)

Initial Temperature of an ice cream is (-4 C)
initial freezing temperature is (-5.6 C)
specific heat above freezing point is 3.22 kJ/Kg K and bellow freezing Point is 2.74Kj/kg K
latent heat of fusion is 204 kj/kg
density 550 kg/cubic meter
conductivity of unfrozen ice cream is 0.518 w/m K and frozen ice cream is 1.8203 w/m k

I have to find that what time will it take to reach the center temperature of an ice cream to (-18 C)

Air properties are available. heat transfer coefficient h=15 w/m2*K

conductivity of an ice cream box which is made up of paper can be taken as 0.05 w/m k. Thickness of wraper is 0.5 mm.

If any one has related tutorial of freezing then please send it to me or upload on the forum.

I wanted to plot graph of Temperature vs time as an Output.

Please Help me.

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