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danielc February 28, 2012 14:38

Mass Momentum Analysis/Mixed Out Pressures of 2D Flow

I have the equations to calculate the mixed out pressure of a 1D flow.

"In this analysis the spatially non-unifrom compressible flow under consideration ia assumed to mix to uniformity in a constant area duct in the absence of heat transfer, work-transfer or skin friction"

The equations are in "Mean values in one-dimensional gas dynamics" by Okay Odukwe, Nigeria and are for compressible flow; energy and momentum are conserved.

In my case it is only mildly compressible so approximation to incompressible is OK and is the equations are fairly trivial.

What I want to do is work out mixed out pressures for a swirling flow. I have tried to look into the Fluent manual to see if 1) it produces a mixed out pressure and 2) if it then lists the equations to do it. In my time using it I didn't think it did output a momentum mixed out pressure.

Does anyone know of a source for such equations?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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