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Jonas Larsson August 31, 2005 18:20

Some Forum Messages Lost
Trust me, rm -rf is a very dangerous command... *sigh*

I was cleaning out some old files on the server when I accidently wiped out the entire directory for the site. This happened half an hour ago.

Fortunately we had a backup which was just 6 hours old, which I have now restored. Messages posted to the forums in the last 6 hours have been lost though.

I apologize for the incident. Those whose message are gone are of course very welcome to re-post them now. I promise I won't do rm -rf again :)

Also, if anyone notice anything missing or something not working as usual please email me asap. I hope that everything aside from the few lost forum messages is restored now, but it isn't easy to check all parts of the site.

Cleaning backup files with rm -rf at midnight after having had a few beers is not a good idea *ugh* Running automated backups with rsync in a cron job can save your ass though. It sure did this time.

diaw August 31, 2005 23:53

Re: Some Forum Messages Lost
Cheer up Jonas... stuff happens... :)


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