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MarTar February 29, 2012 13:41

CFD simulation of flow around marine platforms
Hi all,
i have to perform a numerical investigation of the flowfield around a marine platform, by means of a commercial computational fluid dynamic code (CFX or STAR).

I have already realized CFD simulations for other applications (wind turbine, turbomachinery and heat exchanger), but the task of simulating the flowfield of a marine platform is new for me and, perhaps, partially out of my personal skills and knowledges.

So, i would like to ask information about:
1) the possible solutions for modeling the interface between air and water;
2) the issues potentially related to modelling the interface air-water (e.g. numerical stability
considerations, computational effort involved in such a modeling or other);
3) guidelines in modeling air turbulence;
4) the existence of a way of importing meteorological variables (wind values and
directions, obtained from previous meteorological simulations) into the CFD model of the
platform (e.g. i want to use the meteorological fields around the platform as a sort of
boundary/initial condition).

Also the answer to one of the previous questions is well appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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