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Rothan July 2, 1999 12:25

GASP problem
I am developing a 3D N-S code and meanwhile use GASP for validation. I met a problem which did not appear when I was in the stage of working on 3D Euler. When I open "front" window and finish all the input work, then I turn to save the file in local directory. GASP always told me that the file already exists and asked me whether I want to overwrite it or cancel. Actually there is no file with same name in my working directory. If I choose save, after a while the "front" window closed and a message of " can not open (here is my working directory)../../database/db1.bin" appears. I can make sure the chemistry database file db1.bin exists and I already enter the correct path to it in "front" window. Thus I am puzzled about this. Could anyone familiar with GASP give me some advice? Thanks.

John C. Chien July 3, 1999 17:08

Re: GASP problem
(1). Some PC software I have used before did not allow me to do I/O (read and save files), because those are demo programs. (2). So, it looks like that the code you are using is a demo code which has an old fashion clock protection scheme in it. It is just my guess only. (3). Last time I developed a Navier-Stokes code, I also made a demo version. In the demo version, the mesh size was limited and some advanced options were disabled. But the program is otherwise completely identical to the original program. (4). I am not familiar with this GASP code. It must be a very small company. (5). My suggestion is try to contact the company and get another demo. Or if you really like it, then just get a personal version with service included. (6). This is just my personal guess. Maybe, you can tell us more about this GASP code.

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