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Nik September 2, 2005 08:02

someone to answer..Difference between LES and RANS
Hi all, Although I have tried to understand at my own the difference between LES and RANS in layman or simple terms but am unable. I shall be highly grateful if someone can elucidate the basic difference with respect to followings.. a) HOW LES is capturing the unsteadiness of the flow in better terms than RANS? (turbulence modelling and subgrid modelling) b) For a same baseline grid, is LES suppose to give better results for some turbulent flow in near wall region? c) Where is the difference in coding, if i am using flux splitting method for RANS (with KW turbulence model) and want to switch to LES for better flow prediction? Cheers and see ya..

D.Pavitran September 4, 2005 08:38

Re: someone to answer..Difference between LES and
Hi nik,

I hope that, you can get the answers for your query from the following chalmers weblink.

Just click on the topic LES, in this weblink.

regards/ pavitran

Endee September 4, 2005 11:40

with Regards to DES
Do we use the same equations for DES with only difference of Turbulence model in RANS and Subgrid Scale model in LES domain?

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