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Lemanov Vadim July 3, 1999 01:08

Free Shear Flow Instability
I study the effect of initial condition on the development of free shear layer instability. I would like to know of some references on the same subject.

I am looking for information about the following software: the Orr-Sommerfeld Equations, 2-D viscous incompressible free shear flow instability. Can some one help?

Adrin Gharakhani July 5, 1999 14:48

Re: Free Shear Flow Instability
Check out paper(s) by M. Soteriou & A. F. Ghoniem in the last five years or so. (Sorry I forget the titles, etc.).

You may want to contact Soteriou at and ask for his help. I am sure he'll be glad to help (his website is )

Adrin Gharakhani

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