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Jonas Larsson September 5, 2005 09:37

Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki
We've started work on creating a CFD Wiki here at CFD Online. Before the Wiki is launched publicly it should have at least some basic content and structure. If you are interested in helping with this then please drop me an email on We need all the help we can get on this so please consider contributing some text that is close to your specialization - I'm sure many of you have papers and thesises with chapters that might fit right into the Wiki and thereby benefit the whole CFD community.

The Wiki understands basic LaTeX so adding equations is quite simple. I've started adding some small content myself from my thesis. If we all share this work I'm sure the Wiki could become very useful for us all.

My vision for the Wiki is that it should include things like:

* An introduction to CFD

* A CFD textbook - Covering basic fluid dynamics, governing equations, turbulence modeling, numerical methods, discretizaition schemes, solvers etc.

* Best Practise Guidelines (both general and application/topic specific)

* FAQ's for various CFD codes, especially for the codes that already have forums here at CFD Online

* Validation/test cases - both description of suitable cases with data to compare with and contributed solutions

* Source code archive - free contributed codes, both CFD codes and smaller scripts etc. that are usefull for a CFD engineer.

* Any other things that a Wiki can be used for that benefit CFD users

Obviously noone can write this on his own, but if everyone contributes a chapter or so on his speciality it could become a reality soon.

davood sadeghi September 6, 2005 06:10

Re: Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki *NM*

Hrvoje Jasak September 6, 2005 10:26

Re: Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki
Could you please tell me which Wiki software you intend to use. I am interested in the level in which it supports latex formatting, how easily will it swallow existing latex documents and similar.

Thanks, Hrv

Jonas Larsson September 6, 2005 10:53

Re: Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki
We're using MediaWiki. It has basic support for LaTeX formatted formulas, but it does not have support for just adding full LaTeX documents. If you have a document with a lot of advanced LaTex stuff like your own defined functions, latex-generated references etc. it takes some hand-work to manually number equations, create cross-references etc. But the formulas render very well. I tried it myself yesterday by adding a fairly formula-rich section from my thesis (which was written in LaTeX) and it worked out well. Took some effort though since I had a lot of my own latex functions etc. which I had to translate into pure latex.

Praveen. C September 8, 2005 00:28

Re: Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki
I could not find a good latex-wiki converter, but there is a html-wiki converter. So one could use latex2html first and them html2wiki. The html2wiki is a perl module and can be obtained from

Praveen. C September 8, 2005 01:21

Re: Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki
Well this is not a good idea since one would have to upload all the equations as images.

Fabian September 9, 2005 04:00

Re: Editors Wanted for a CFD Wiki

maybe those 'tools' could be helpfull:

I did not try them ...

Greetings! Fabian

ali September 9, 2005 10:16

k-w model
i need some text and funny notes on k-w turbulence modeling to use them in my cfd code, specially about boundary condition which is used in this area. thank you Ali

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