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iceraining September 6, 2005 09:35

grids in tip clearance

my model is a axial pump,and the tip clearance is very short to the whole radius. and i met a problem for grids.

when i make ogrids for blade,i don't know where to put the ogrids vertices between the shroud and blade tip. and some grids are always wrong with small angel ,such as 0-9 degree. how to avoid this situation?

thank you very much!

Mani September 8, 2005 16:17

Re: grids in tip clearance
Do you really need a grid in the tip clearance? Most of the time a tip clearance model is quite sufficient, avoiding the trouble to create a grid in that region. If you really want to grid it, you will need a more complex multiblock topology (assuming you are using structured grids), to get a grid of good quality.

iceraining September 12, 2005 00:50

Re: grids in tip clearance
thank you very much! i have finished the structrued grids:)

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