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Tee September 7, 2005 20:48

HELP!:CFD modelling using FLUENT in swimming pool
Hi, Im a university student from hames cook university australia. Im doing my final year thesis for CFD modelling using FLUENT in a swimming pool to optimise the algae growth problem.

First I would like to describe my model situation: 1. My model is 8m times 4m 2D geometry which describe a pool

2. There are 3inlets and one outlet

3. I used temperature to represent the mixing (chlorine)which carry with the water from 3 inlets.

4.At the beginning, the temperature of water inlets is set as 300K which represent the higher concentration of chlorine mixing and the initial pool water temperature will be set as 295K which represent the lower concentration of chlorine mixing, this temperature different is used to represent the situation of higher concentration of mixing chlorine in the pool inlet and lower concentration of chlorine inside the pool water for the simulation used.In Fluent simulation, the temperature of pool water which is 295K will be increasing due to the supplied water temperature of 300K is higher than the pool water, and this situation is in unsteady state condition. The temperature of pool water will be in steady state condition when the temperature of pool water is balance with the temperature of pool inlet which is 300K in certain interval. Due to the temperature (which represent chlorine) is carried by the inlet water, and how the water distribute to the pool is depend on the configuration, if the given configuration of mentioned 15 configurations which caused the temperature inside the pool changed faster with the time to reach the steady state condition, that's mean this configuration is more able to provide a better water circulation inside the pool; this also mean that the supply chlorine can be more uniform distribute to everywhere of the pool.

5.I have done this with laminar and turbulence modelling which i want to use them to compare to ensure what kind of flow inside the swimming pool.

6.I found that the laminar model give me the temperature change more faster than turbulence model.

7.In realistic, i think the turbulence model will give me the temperature change more faster than the laminar one.

8.For this situation, I think my turbulence setting might something wrong. I used the default setting for this turbulence model and I only changed the setting in boundary condition for each inlets corresponding from FLUENT documentation.

9. Expert, from your experience, which setting for turbulence model is important? For my problem, do you got any suggestion?

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