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Joachim March 9, 2012 06:32

Problem with the k-omega model
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Hello everyone!

I have a problem with a simulation, and I thought that maybe you could help me...
Actually, I am new at CFD, so this will maybe sounds simple to you. Anyway it isn't for me. ;)

I am supposed to model a 2D airfoil (M, Re, AoA, etc given) with different turbulence models and then compare the results. First, I have established a grid convergence using Spalart Allmaras, and obtained very nice results in agreement with the experimental data. Then, I decided to try my fine mesh (150k cells) with the k-w model. The problem: the turbulent viscosity is too high, or the temperature...well, it doesn't work. Am I supposed to create a new mesh for the k-omega model?

I have uploaded some pictures of my mesh, do you see something wrong? There is y+=1 everywhere.

Thank you very much for your help!


DarylMusashi March 9, 2012 15:56

Hello Joachim,

the expansion factor of the mesh shouldn't exceed 1.2, especially in the region near the blade - is that given? Furthermore why dont you use the SST-model instead of k-omega? The SST-model uses a switching function to give good results in the near-wall-regions (like k-omega does) and even far away from the walls (like k-epsilon does).

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