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RolandP March 12, 2012 07:55

Simulation of moving components
Hi all, I'm pretty new to the world of CFD and I've managed to confuse myself pretty comprehensively.

I need to simulate a vertical axis wind turbine, and ideally I want to end up with something along the lines of this video.

I'm clear on steady state, static simulations, and I'm fairly solid on the aero/dynamics involved in the model, but I'm drawing a blank on how to make it work on the computer, how to make it move

Basically, my question is, what should I be looking into/what methods should I learn to achieve a result like the one above? I'd love to be more specific but I'm unsure of the terminology. I've trawled the forums but I keep running into terms I'm not familiar with.

I'm sorry for the vagueness of the question, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have access to ANSYS CFX and FLUENT.

Also, as an aside, this is basically an exercise in prototyping, would I be better off just building the darned thing?

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