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quarkz September 15, 2005 01:03

Test cases of different levels of complexity

My aim is to simulate the flow past an airfoil. I'm now trying to test my structured FVM code for any errors.

Initially, I wrote a cartesian code and used the well known lid driven cavity. I then moved on to write the structured code and I've used a skewed lid driven cavity test by Erturk (

Both worked well. Should I go on directly to simulate an airfoil? Or are there any test cases which I can do before going to the airfoil problem?


Scott Shaw September 15, 2005 19:47

Re: Test cases of different levels of complexity
You don't say whether your code is inviscid/viscous compressible/incompressible.

You should try to run the code for some benchmark cases (cases for which you can obtain analytic or semi-analytic results). Examples include; compression over a wedge, expansion over a backwards facing wedge; williams airfoil and williams multi-element airfoil; laminar flow over flat plate; turbulent flow over flat plate. The NPARC V&V website is a good place to start for more details/data.


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