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gmd March 20, 2012 16:03

Another High Drag coefficient question...Sorry
Hi all,

I'm using FLUENT to simulate vortex shedding from an NREL S809 wind turbine blade at angles of attack around 90degrees.

My flow conditions are highly turbulent (Re numbers around 2e6) and I am using the k-w SST model model. I am using time step size 0.05, with 500 steps, and 20 iterations/step.

My drag coefficient values are between 2.5 and 3.5, and my lift coefficients are both sides of 0 (they can't seem to decide if the airfoil is going up or down).

I am just wondering where I might be going wrong with this. My thoughts are that it is due to my meshing, and I am not sure what my y+ value is (don't quite know how to get it...I am relatively new to cfd)

Any help would be really really thesis is due on monday and I have been struggling with this for a while!

Many thanks!

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