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Dean Christakis July 6, 1999 01:09

CFD for a Soap Box Derby car
We are looking for someone to help us with our film project, which will utilize CFD and CAD to design a Soap Box Derby race car. We will film the images off a computer display.

We know a fair amount about Soap Box Derby cars but know very little about CFD which the storyline of the script calls for.

On a computer monitor, we would see CFD images (upper surface pressure and skin friction distribution) of various aircraft and race cars, displayed one at a time. One of these images would gradually dissolve into the shape of a masters division Soap Box Derby race car until the shape of the race car actually used is seen. This image would then dissolve into CAD images of the Soap Box race car shown from various angles and views of the car. This sequence might run two to three minutes or a little longer.

We would like something very visual and active to hold an audience's interest, maybe even accompanied by some interesting sound effects, although the display is the main thing.

If interested in helping, please contact us at:

Phone/Fax: 219.947.9909

1407 Swift St. Hobart, IN 46342

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