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Danial Q March 22, 2012 01:33

Thermal phase change set up problem
Hi Guyz,
i am working on some solidification model where one molten metal droplet is shot to other metal piece and phase chnage occurs and molten drolet solidifies after interphase heat transfer. I have defined homogeneous binary mixture for the molten droplet but i have some problems to run the solver which shows error like this,
"In Analysis 'Flow Analysis 1' - Domain 'splat' - Fluid 'user Ni': Equilibrium phase change in one phase in an MPF run is not supported by the solver."
could anyone please help to sort this out?? it is kind of global error and i am unable to resolve this uptill now.
mY idea is may be i am having some problem to define the saturation pressure and temperature for my homogeneous binary mixture. But problem sustains while this mixture is pure metal in (liquid/molten and solid form) defindind as homogeneous binary mixture.:confused: any help would be appreciated. i am solving this problem as free surface problem with homogeneous heat transfer model.

Mudassir July 10, 2014 14:41

You have to define the material in both Solid (Say MetalSolid) and liquid phase( say MetalLiquid), and then make a homogeneous binary mixture (Say MetalSL) of these both materials.
Then if you want the Equilibrium Phase Change, Define use only MetalSG under Basic Settings> Fluid and Particle definition.
If you want Non Equil. Phase Change, define MetalS and MetalG under Basic Settings> Fluid and Particle definition.
The error you just asked about accurs when you use all three materials under Basic Settings> Fluid and Particle definition.

NOTE: For a phase change to occur, you must create all three materials as described in first paragraph. But not define all three in domain settings.


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