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queram September 21, 2005 09:48

guys, I'm desperate. I've tried x visualization freewares but haven't found anythig suitable. SeLaVi - problems when more than 20000 numebrs are to be read in, paraview and mayavi crash so elegantly that all my pc freezes (???reason? I've discussed the issues with it specialist, no idea), opendx - quite difficult to start with, some other require exceed or similar supporting codes, other are commandline-driven (I don't want to learn new commands and syntax, why?), others require specific file format - need to convert my data using another software.... I have several fortran solvers, data in ascii files but cann't visualize them. I don't want to spend a week with studying manual, neither I want something highle elaborated. all I want is a code running on win2000, able to read my asci data and show me the contours/surfaces. is that so much? or the problem is I want it for free?

William Blake September 21, 2005 10:46

Re: visualization....
20000 numbers should be no problem with paraview. But most cfd work is done on Linux/Unix systems for good reasons ...

Renato N. Elias September 21, 2005 11:18

Re: visualization....
I can't realize why you're not getting success in visualizing your results in Paraview... I've already used Paraview to plot datasets with 1,858,246 nodes and 10,264,863 tetrahedra ( see ) in a P-IV 2.6 GHz, 2 Gb of memory, Windows XP and Nvidia's G-force-II video card without any problems.

Could you tell us which file format and how you're trying to visualize your results in Paraview?

I used to read my results in Paraview with Ensight's case format (binary) and I've shared my Fortran routines to export data in this format in


Renato N. Elias High Performance Computing Center NACAD/COPPE/UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

faber September 21, 2005 11:38

Re: visualization....
paraview is the worst case: start-programs-paraview, click... intro window, GUI, message window "tracefile found" and hang. just hard reset brings the pc back to life. P4 2.6GHz, 512MB RAM, Win2000 SP3, not sure on graph.card, but catia V5 runs without troubles even with large assemblies...

Renato N. Elias September 21, 2005 13:17

Re: visualization....
Which release of Paraview are you using? If your Paraview copy has not been able to start the problem can be related only with the software (or hardware) and not with your dataset. Some time ago I had problems with Paraview just as you have described and found the solution in the following message in the Paraview's mailist:

ps.: The tracefile is always created when Paraview is suddenly broken in order to rebuild the last state of the program. Paraview asks if you'd like to use this tracefile, ignore or delete it. Have you tried to delete it before trying to open Paraview again?


Renato N. Elias High Performance Computing Center NACAD/COPPE/UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

queram September 22, 2005 06:56

Re: visualization....
-it's version 2.2.1 - we tried many things: to delete the tracefile before re-running the paraview - only result is that the paraview hangs while intro window shows "searching for old tracefiles". hangs in the same way, PC freezes we tried to reinstall the code several times, incl. deleting the program folder and registry cleaning we've also tried the things written on the mailing list - no improvement.. - we're leaving it

Renato N. Elias September 22, 2005 13:27

Re: visualization....
Have you though your problem running Paraview could be related with your hardware? Have you tried to run Paraview with your results in any other machine?

I'm asking for it because i've already run Paraview in a bunch of systems (Itanium-2, Pentium IV, Athlon XP running Windows and Linux) without any problem and it sounds strange when you say that you've not been getting success neither starting Paraview...

You could post your problems in Paraview's mailist in order to leave the paraview developers work out on it.


Renato N. Elias

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