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Satheesh Kumar July 6, 1999 10:14

compliant surfaces
Dear Raza I shall describe the specifics of our problem. We are undertaking a study on drag reduction of submerged bodies. There are various methods , passive and active. Compliant surfaces are an active means ..the exact mechanism of how it actually works is not understood. But it is observed that certain fishes and aquatic animals have remarkably less drag in propertion to their geometry. So we are keen on modeling a compliant surface and solve for the flow. This means apart from the usual varibles elasticity of the material also will come into the picture. I had visited your site and found some biomedical applications. Ours is an external flow problem, geometries may be complex and surface material properties will differ. Frankly speaking the medical jargon was not so clear to me. I have stated our problem. Kindly tell me your views, also about the capabilities of CFD+ACE as far as this problem is concerned.

With regards Satheesh

John C. Chien July 6, 1999 23:49

Re: compliant surfaces
(1). In designing shape for drag reduction, people in turbomachinery have been doing research in the automatic reshaping of turbine blades. (2). Turbine blade sometimes looks just like a fish. (3). I have seen recently a couple of papers in this area, so, why not check into ASME Journal of turbomachinery, or ASME meeting papers. (4). There are constraints on the turbine blade and I think this can also apply to the submerged body. So far, 2-D Navier-Stokes solutions are used in the drag optimization loop. (5). You can include the material properties in the optimization as an extra constraint for the surface shape change. I think, this steady state iterative approach is practical. In the dynamic environment, I don't know whether a fish can control its skin shape or not.

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