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andyjo22 April 1, 2012 07:53

3D F1 Front Wing Domain Size

I have started working on a 3D analysis of an F1 front wing and was wondering what kind of domain sizing I should be using to take account of the wing tip vortices?

I have come across various indications one saying 3 times the span of the wing, the other saying just one times the span.


siw April 1, 2012 08:27

Give them both a try and see what consequences (if any) it has on the results that matter to your study. Treat it like you would with a mesh independence assessment.

Generally in external aerodynamics simulations the doman should be far enough away so that it does not effect the region of interest, because in real life there is no far-field boundary so it is an artificial but required feature for the simulation.

Martin Hegedus April 3, 2012 21:43

A lot depends on your boundary conditions, however,

the dependency of a 2D airfoil load on the farfield placement is negligible at about 150 times the chord. In general, for a 2D airfoil, 100 is probably OK, but I would not go less than 50. For real work at least. 3D shapes are a little more forgiving, so 50 times largest length scale is OK. Unfortunately everything is very nonlinear, so when you do your convergence test you need to pick a case which is about to "fall off the cliff" so to speak. In other words, the solution is on the verge of being kicked into a totally different solution space.

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