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han toss September 25, 2005 18:27

CFD Softwares with CAD integration

I am planning to look into CFD softwares that are directly integrated with CAD softwares. I have heard most of the people say that this is the way to go for now and the future as it reduces unnecessary re-making of the geometry and also offers automatic grid generation.

On the other hand, some people say that there are some strict standards that the CAD designer has to maintain in his/her part and assembly models to be able to export these into the CFD module for fluid flow analysis. For example, there should be no volume interferences or gaps in the CAD model. My models ususally are pretty error-free, but if they were not, would it cause problems with the CFD module?

-Han Toss

Ahmed September 25, 2005 21:38

Re: CFD Softwares with CAD integration
Look into Star-CD,( the "CAD integration strategy". Reading the native CAD file is important and better if it is embedded. It is really a pain in the ... that of translating a CAD file using IGES or STEP file formats and reading it into your CFD programme, this is not a PERFECT process and the time lost (wasted) in correcting and undersanding the original CAD design is huge. CFD Vendors will give a potential client their programme for a month or two free of any charges, make use of that option and test by yourself before making your final decision.

Joep September 26, 2005 15:36

Re: CFD Softwares with CAD integration
I am using EFD.Lab for a few weeks now. This program should be work with CAD geometry, but it is not perfect yet. Although in most cases it works good and save much time. The CAD geometry should be without errors. When you make your own CAD models it is a good option. If you are dependable from others for CAD geometry, it could be very frustrating when it doesn't work.

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