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Jonas Larsson September 26, 2005 08:11

CFD Wiki - We Need More Help!
We have made good progress with the soon-to-be-launched CFD Wiki here at CFD Online. Our team of volunteer Wiki authors have done a tremendous job so far. We need more help though. In the last few days we've lost a bit of our initial momentum. So please help us to keep this train rolling now! Without help from more volunteers the Wiki will not continue to grow so it is important that everybody contributes whatever he or she can.

Our vision with the CFD Wiki is to eventually create the ultimate free CFD reference. A Wiki is a website which allows anyone to add and edit content. The CFD Wiki will include a complete CFD textbook covering fluid dynamics, turbulence, numerics, mesh generation etc. There are also sections on validation and test-cases, best-practise guidelines, CFD codes and special areas like heat transfer, combustion, etc. The Wiki can be found here:

If you like to write about CFD you are very welcome to join our team of Wiki editors. We are currently a group of ~10 persons who are working hard on filling the Wiki with content. We need help from more people to keep this train rolling though. So please consider to take your turn and add something to the Wiki today!

If you want to join our Wiki team plese send me an email on and I'll give you some more instructions. Writing for the Wiki is both fun and a good way to learn CFD, meet CFD colleagues and become more well known in the CFD world.

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