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Kuttoosan July 6, 1999 11:30

Compressible N-S bound. condn.
hi all,

I would like to know what type of bound.condition is suitable for compressible viscous flow over a flate plate as avalidation case. 1. shall exit pressure be specified 2. either p0 & t0 at inlet or u_infinity at inlet be specified ? thanks in advance

John C. Chien July 6, 1999 12:46

Re: Compressible N-S bound. condn.
(1). It depends on many things. (2). The first one is the Mach number, whether it is a low subsonic flow, or transonic flow, or supersonic flow. (3). The second one is the leading edge geometry, whether it is a sharp leading edge or a blunt leading edge. (4). The third one is the Reynolds number. And the fourth one is your formulation. (5). If it is a subsonic problem, using a specified velocity at a far field is all right. (make sure that the boundary condition is far away from the wall.) (6). The parallel downstream condition cal be used also. (7). It depends on your formulation as to whether the exit pressure and the inlet total pressure should be specified or not. This is normally the case when you have flow through a channel ,or nozzle. I think you can formulate your problem in this way also, that is flow through a 2-D channel with large spacing between the walls.

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