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Sid12 April 7, 2012 07:51

Drop Test/ Water Re-entry

I am completely new to Star CCM+ and am facing some difficulty in working on my mini-project. The project is about drop test conducted on a rigid sphere.

I'll briefly outline the requirements of the projects followed by where I am stuck while modelling that in Star CCM+. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Requirements of the project:

-> A solid sphere is dropped from a certain height into water
-> Study the stess on the sphere during impact
-> Velocity profile of the sphere
-> Trajectory fo the sphere
-> Visualization of the splash patter that occurs as a result of the impact

Now what I am unable to do (once again I must mention that I am completely new to the software and am not able to relate whatever content there is in the tutorials to this project of mine):

-> Create this water-air interphase and simulate the sphere being dropped from air to water
-> I don't know what Physics models are relevant for this kind of an assignment
-> How to visualize the splash pattern

I request anyone who has some idea about how to achieve this to please contribute. Thanks a lot in advance.


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