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Sean September 30, 2005 01:57

Need help on simple CFD case. (using CFD-ACE+)
Dear CFD mentor ~

I'm a primer for CFD (only have basic knowledge of fluid dynamics). I'm assigned to use CFD-ACE+ for gas simulation. I'm trying to come up a simple case to see how it works, but I really need some help, guidance and advice on this.

Here is my test case:

Geometry: 2 square boxes connect with a cylinder channel ( BOX1 - Channel - BOX2 )

Boxes(1m x 1m), Channel(D=0.1m)

Inlet(left wall of BOX1):fixed Pressure (100 N/m2),

Outlet(right wall of BOX2):fixed Pressure (10 N/m2),

Other BC are no-slip wall,

VC: Oxygen gas (with all default properties),

Temp: 300T all over (also default),

IC: 0.1 m/s

I had tried several times with different condition, however, the program either diverge or got error message. Please give me a hand to figure this out. am I missing something (BC, VC, IC) to make it works ?

Is is setting able to simulate how gas pass through the channel ?

I'm sorry for the mess post. Thanks you so much for your kindly advice and help.

Sincerely, -Sean

han toss September 30, 2005 10:05

Re: Need help on simple CFD case. (using CFD-ACE+)

CFD-ACE+ is now owned by a company called ESI Group ( To get started, you should try some of their tutorials that they have on their web-site ( - I think you will need a username and password, but you should have it as you are a user of their software.

Try also their new community web-site, where their own people provide users with tips/tricks and suggestions (

With regard to your problem, make sure your grid is dense enough, specially at the mouths of the channel.

Hope this helps. -Han Toss

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