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Renato September 30, 2005 10:35

Pos-processing computations
Hi all,

I was looking for some kind of reference like the "Numerical Recipe", books, papers, websites, etc... that would discuss how to evaluate some quantities in finite element computations, such as, streamlines, vorticities, stresses, among others quantities that could be computed only from the velocity and pressure fields with the finite element interpolation functions, but I think there is a lack of references about this and I'm always having to compute nodal volumes, discrete derivatives, projections, rotations, averages, etc... . Most of the books discuss only the theory and the method behind the discretized schemes but when you have to compute some non primitive property in an unstructured grid with more than one material the doubts begins to came up...

I wouldn't like to discuss which are the equations employed to compute these quantities but how to compute them in a discretized scheme such as finite element. I know that these equations and quantity definitions are all in the books of fluid mechanics and certainly we have already faced with them in our studies.

Thanks for any tip


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